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New Arrival
Album: Gollhang Thengsel

- Gollhang Thengsel by Michael Luncha
- Kai Selung by Michael Luncha
- Miss Call Lanu by Michael Luncha
- Kalung'a by Michael Luncha
- Kaise lung'a by Michael Luncha
- Lungset by Michael Luncha
- Sumkong by Michael Luncha
- Senlai by Michael Luncha
- Sekmai by Michael Luncha
- Kanuijat sah a by Michael Luncha

Christmas Laa
- Chamna Lengpa by Ngaineilhing
- Eden pahhoi by Ngaineilhing
- Gamthengpen a by Ngaineilhing
- Hossana samjing un o by Ngaineilhing
- Huhhinga Pakai by Ngaineilhing
- Lal Lunglhai kum by Ngaineilhing
- Lal pienni by Ngaineilhing
- Leiyah ahung pieng by Ngaineilhing
- Limna Nikho by Ngaineilhing
- Themgao hon a seiyu by Ngaineilhing
- Pakai Penni by Ngaineilhing
- Vannoiya hin by Ngaineilhing
- Aw Bethlehem by Esther Sitlhou
- Aw bethlehem Lhanghoi
by Esther Sitlhou  
- Chamna lengpa by Esther Sitlhou
- Hosana samjing uvin by Esther Sitlhou  
- Huhhing a Pakai by Esther Sitlhou
- Judea gam by Esther Sitlhou
- Lemcheh ute by Esther Sitlhou
- Nalal touna by Esther Sitlhou
- Pakai pen nikho by Esther Sitlhou  
- Thim in lei atom by Esther Sitlhou 
- Vang eipe diu vin by Esther Sitlhou
- Vannoi ja hin by Esther Sitlhou  
- Vannoi letset by Esther Sitlhou
              Vahchoi Laa
Athi melpua by Nenem Haokip 
- Vo Gospel kholjin by Manglun 
- Chung Sunni by ST Chongboi 
- Neituh jing in by Esther Sitlhou 
- Khangdong hingel in by Lhainei Haokip 
- Ka Pakai leh Lhandampu by ST Chongboi 
- Kahinna twimei by ST Chongboi 
- Kalhangai jing by Lenchung Haokip 
- Chavang Kolni by Lhingboi Singson 
- Kipah in nuikhom by Lhingboi Singson 
- Mihem hi epi hija by Manglun Haokip 
- Nei lhakang hih in by Neicy Singson 
- Nei lamhil in by Lhainei Haokip 
- Lamdil del in by Lamneilhing Haokip 
- Pakai ka hinkho hi by Lhingboi Mate 
- Vo khangdong by Paotingen 
- Pathen in eingailutna by Nenem Haokip 
- Tahsan mipa by Vahneikim Haokip
                   Gangte Laa
 - Mimbang Pienna Vangkho by SL Manga
- Neisang nom lou by SL Manga
- Zatam etlawm by SL Manga
- Selunghel a by SL Manga
- Ngeicheng khenna simlei by SL Manga
- Nang ngai kakaa na by SL Manga
- Gammang lah hihenlang by SL Manga
- Thimthu twibang lonkhom by SL Manga
- Buolna vangkho dailam nuoiya by SL Manga
- Kanao Malsawm thouvin by SL Manga
- Neihung Lhemmaw by SL Manga
- Suntin Naobang ka kaa by SL Manga
- Phaimit kasing theipuoi by SL Manga
- Gibang Khenna by SL Manga
                  Lunglen laa
- Guol o Na selunggel by Lamkholhing Haokip
- O chung Chollha by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Milni umlou kangailutna by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Alhaang gam by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Alhan lhajou tante by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Amillai Lom nan by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Chephat Jangva by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Chun ngainu by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Chunnu kathoh jou poi by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Ka Lhinlelna by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Kajal Jaanmang by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Ngai guhnei ahah e by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Phaimei bang lungset by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Selunghel in by Lamkholhing Haokip
- Genthei Kaana by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Gibang khenna by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Lenna Setlei by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Tua Lanu hoiya by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Tujan Kajanmang in by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Golngai Nunlui by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Kum 3 Kum 4 by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Lungguh Thimthu by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Theisen neo by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Neosen golngai by Michael Luncha (Chavang Ninou)
- Kana Kabkab in by Bill Lamkam
- Khongbainu jong by Bill Lamkam
- Lailen nading by Bill Lamkam
- Lanu dang beltang by Bill Lamkam
- Lanu Tangpa Lenna by Bill Lamkam
- Na lemding by Bill Lamkam
- Na Tangpa'n by Bill Lamkam
- Nahung seilet ding by Bill Lamkam
- Vabang in by Bill Lamkam
- Vaisoh lhu  by Bill Lamkam
- Chung Toni bang by Nengboi
- Golkom thimthu by Nengboi
- Jankhosot in by Nengboi
- Jaanlai Chollha by Nengboi
- Kakab louthei dem? by Nengboi
- Kalunggel ding la by Nengboi
- Kob'a Laileng by Nengboi
- Miljou pong'e by Nengboi
- Muikho ahung jing by Nengboi
- O Setlei chung'a by Nengboi
- Thingse theilou by Nengboi
- Zaang kolni by Nengboi
- Selunghel in by Nengboi
- Guol Selunggel keidin by Manglun Haokip
- 31st December 99 by Manglun Haokip
- Aw Kasenguol dei by Manglun Haokip
- Chollha vah tai by Manglun Haokip
- Hinkho Lamsao by Manglun Haokip
- Egam Enam adin by Manglun Haokip
- Kinepda tan by Manglun Haokip
- Kuki Idol theme song by Manglun Haokip
- Miljou pong'e by Manglun Haokip
- Pankhom thahat na by Manglun Haokip
- Senneo apat by Manglun Haokip
- Lungdang gellou jen o by Lamkholhing Haokip

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